Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Astaire in the Air

Today I felt like doing a post on a none related silent film star! However, he was defiantly a huge influence on the golden era of musicals and has inspired many dancers, actors, singers, and producers around the world. Fred Astaire (Fredrick Austerlitz) has done countless movies and theater performances as well as recorded several albums for his musical hits. Fred Astaire is also very well know for his unique and iconic fashion style of wearing top hats, white tie and tails in his movies, as well as sporting a tie or scarf in lieu of a belt. I could go on and on about Astaire and the all interesting things he's done but I've decided to do a photo post and dedicate it all the pictures of Astaire in the Air.


Kelly & Astaire

Hayworth & Ataire

Astaire & Hayworth

Kelly & Astaire

Hepburn and Ataire

Rogers & Ataire

Kelly & Ataire

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