I'm a artist and college student who is studying to be an film editor and DP. At an early age I formed the love for being part of the making movies and I've been in love ever since. I used to hate history until I found a certain kind of history that was never covered in my typical school text books, the history of cinema. A long time ago I just happened to be browsing the internet when I first stumbled across an article mentioning how great Harold Lloyd's clock stunt in  Safety Last! wasI thought to myself that's one thing I've never seen before, a silent movie. I quickly searched Safety Last! on youtube and within an hour I'd watched my very first silent film.       It was so extraordinary that I've been hooked ever since. I find watching silent films so captivating, it's like I'm going back in time and when the film ends I'm sad to leave my world in the 1920's. We have so much to benefit from watching silents (and early talkies). The history, the talent, and the early techniques of the silent film era pour through the screen leaving you with inspiration. Early films are a art and they deserve to be remembered and studied, especially by those who intend to go into any film profession.

Now I'm no great writer but I created this blog because I love hearing new things about any film related subject. I love learning and writing this blog would not only help me to share my knowledge with others but I would also benefit by learning more in my research. So it's a "win win" deal for everyone! I'm sure there are plenty of other people who know oodles more of information about the cinema back in the silent era but we all have to learn somehow and this is how I chose to learn and share. So I hope you enjoy my blog!