Types of Posts

  • Random Posts- random post are exactly what they mean, they can be on any topic of my choice ranging from any era. They'll always been new and creative.
  • Remember Me- a Remember Me posts is to remember a certain someone (either a movie star, producer, director, editor or anyone else film related).
  • This Day In Time- a This Day In Time post is to celebrate and remember a certain anniversary of a film related event
  • Gasp!?- a Gasp!? is a fun fact that you may            o                                     or may not know about film related subjects. Everyone one will have a chance to post a comment letting me know if they have or haven't heard of the information in the post.
  • Eni Meni Mini Mo-  Eni Meni Mini Mo is where I chose a film for the month, which will be posted on the blog and will also be posted on the sidebar (with a picture of the poster/lobby card). There will be a poll vote so you guys can vote on how much you liked the film. At the end of the month I will post a little something about the film, maybe a review, maybe a fun fact and picture. You get the idea! 
  • Capture The Moment- Capture The Moment is a featured photo (of a film related person or from a film set) that I will post every other week, maybe I'll even post an interesting story behind the photo!
  • WWWW- WWWW (which stands for Who, What, Where or When) is just a fun and random post where I find something (like a line of a movie, a piece of a famous photo, or a title of a movie) and make it hard for you guys guess who, what, or where, it came from. You blog followers can then go out with the few clues I've given and try to figure it out.  It's basically like scavenger hunt except the winner gets...................(drum roll please)............Absolutely nothing! Yep, sorry guys it's just for fun and you only get your name posted on my blog (how special right?).